Monday, April 7, 2008

My Special Thanks Post

Nelius and I each owe a special thanks to a few people for helping us make this hike happen.

I wanted to thank Nada for braving the forest service road alone in the Saturn after dropping us off, and thank her again for running all the way to the end of the trail to put my other backpack with my clean close in the was way out of the way! THANKS NADA YOU'RE THE BEST!

I also wanted to thank Claire for letting me leave every weekend to go test my hammock in the Arizona wilderness, and for being so flexible when it comes to what I do on the weekends.

I also wanted to thank Suzanne Wilson of the Pacific Crest Trail Association for answering my many emails about the trail as we prepared! Without her, we would have tried to start at a point where the trail was closed, and the trip may not have happened at all! Another thanks to the rest of the PCTA people for posting ALL those signs everywhere to keep hikers on the trail and not wondering around lost! The same thanks goes to the Trail Angels, whoever you people are! The oranges and water were appreciated!

One last thanks to everyone for their prayers of safety!

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