Monday, April 7, 2008

The Gear

After choosing the route and the date, we had to start thinking about weather trends for the area, elevation and ultimately, gear.

Nelius was going for the lightest weight setup that he could accomplish, and to my amazement made some of his gear. He made his backpack, tent, and sleeping bag! Not to mention most of his food was home made as well. Here are some photos of Nelius' tent and sleeping bag. You will have to wait until the hiking photos to see his backpack. All of his gear worked very well, and Nelius started the hike with a 31.5 lb. pack...10 lbs. lighter than mine!

Nelius' Home Made - Tarp Tent

Nelius' Home Made - Quilt Style Sleeping Bag

Nelius' Home Made Quilt in its Stuff Sack

I opted for a little more comfort at the cost of a lot more weight. I have been experimenting with hammock camping for the past few months and worked to get my hammock set up for this trip. Here are a few photos of my hammock, and there will be more with my new rain fly in the hiking photos section.

Tyler's Hennessey Hammock and old Rain Fly

Tyler's Hennessey Hammock - Test Drive in Arizona

Tyler's Stuff Stack - Holds the Hammock and Rain Fly

The weather was looking good from the get-go for this trip. At Big Bear we were looking at highs in the high 50's, and lows in the high 20's. Thankfully we knew that we would drop in elevation the first day of the hike, so we had to be prepared for overnight lows in the high 30's to low 40's. The day time hiking temps were looking superb even in the lower areas of the hike.

Nelius also went WAY out of his way on preparing for the hike. He printed maps for the entire hike and taped them together to create one HUGE long map of our hike, then folded like an oragami expert so that we could use it on the trail. He also ripped the pages out of a guide book, and made a special guide book just for us giving us detailed trail descriptions. Nice work Nelius! We would have been lost for sure without this stuff!!!

The Map.

Our Guide Book.

The Official Guide Book for the entire trail.

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